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Explore seed-saving techniques and unique crops from Africa

Sorghum crop with green stalks and leaves topped with a fluffy yellow head.
Sorghum growing at Carter Farms (Image: VPM)

Learn how to select and save seeds from the vegetable garden and visit a teaching farm celebrating the legacy of Black farmers in Africa and America.

Edmund Frost, of Common Wealth Seed Growers, demonstrates how to harvest cucumber and tomato seeds and explains why seed saving can improve your garden. At Carter Farms, Michael Carter, Jr. displays  crops from West Africa and explains how the agriculture contributions of Black farmers shape our food and culture. Amyrose Foll shares Native American crops she is growing to preserve seed stock, and Dr. Robyn Puffenbarger explains the value of using ecotype seeds for your garden.

Edmund Frost removes cucumber seeds. (Image: VPM)