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NASA at Home: "Mars 2020 - Perseverance"

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Episode 3: Learn about the 4th planet from the Sun, sending spacecraft to Mars, and the newest Mars rover, Perseverance. This episode includes hands-on activities students can try at home with materials from around the house. Developed for students in grades 4-7.

Produced by  NASA Langley Office of STEM Engagement and presented by VPM.

Virginia Standards of Learning

  • 5.3 Newton's Laws of Motion
  • 6.2 The student will investigate and understand basic sources of energy, their origins, transformations, and uses. Key concepts include:
  • c) nonrenewable energy sources (fossil fuels including petroleum, natural gas, and coal)
  • e) energy transformations (heat/light to mechanical, chemical, and electrical energy).
  • 6.8 The student will investigate and understand the organization of the solar system and the relationships among the various bodies that comprise it. Key concepts include:
  • c) the role of gravity.
  • d) revolution and rotation.
  • SEPs Science and Engineering Practices: Design Process is addressed in the .1 standards at all grade levels.
  • E.2 Earth Science covers the reasons for space travel and the NASA program.

For more information on NASA at Home and STEM activities go to:
Mars 2020 STEM Toolkit: includes resources, activities, and more!
NASA at Home

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