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NASA At Home

In this episode of NASA at Home, Learn about rockets, Newton’s Third Law of Motion, and unique careers at NASA. Build a soda straw rocket with things you can find at home, exercise like an astronaut and learn to draw yourself on the moon.
  • Learn about the 4th planet from the Sun, sending spacecraft to Mars, and the newest Mars rover, Perseverance. This episode includes hands-on activities students can try at home with materials from around the house. Developed for students in grades 4-7.
  • NASA Langley Office of STEM Engagement presents episode 2 of "NASA at Home." Learn about NASA's Commercial Crew program which is returning space flight back to American soil. Build your own parachute for an "eggstronaut" with materials you find at home.
  • The first episode of "NASA at Home" explores sound and sonic booms and the newest experimental aircraft being produced by NASA.