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NASA at Home: "To the Moon and Beyond!"

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Episode 4: Learn about Earth’s Moon, it’s phases, what it takes to travel to there, and NASA’s new Artemis mission to go back to the Moon to stay. Create a Moon Journal, make the Moon’s phases with cookies, and build your own lunar lander with items you can find around the house! Developed for students in grades 4-7 and the general public.

Produced by NASA Langley Office of STEM Engagement and presented by VPM.

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Virginia Standards of Learning:

4.6  The student will investigate and understand that there are relationships among Earth, the moon, and the sun. Key relationships include:
a) the motions of Earth, the moon, and the sun;

6.3 The student will investigate and understand that there is a relationship between the sun, Earth, and the moon. Key ideas include:
c) the movement of Earth and the moon in relationship to the sun causes phases of the moon;
e) the relationship between Earth and the moon is the primary cause of tides.

ES.2 The student will demonstrate an understanding that there are scientific concepts related to the origin and evolution of the universe. Key ideas include:
d) evidence attained through space exploration has increased our understanding of the structure and nature of our universe.

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