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Learn how native plants feed wildlife to create healthy ecosystems

Yellow and red wildflowers growing in a bunch.
Native flowers support pollinators. Having different flower shapes and colors in the garden supports more insects.

Peggy Singlemann meets Paul Cipriani of The Living Earth School at Mint Springs Valley Park in Albemarle to learn about edible plants that feed wildlife and people including persimmon, sassafras and spicebush.

Dr. Robyn Puffenbarger visits a landscape where Devin Floyd of the Center for Urban Habitats guided a homeowner in transforming large portions of lawn into native plant communities.

Serome Hamlin demonstrates how to  create a native plant container to feed pollinators throughout the growing season and Amyrose Foll explains why fall is the perfect time to sow wildflower seeds.

Studio Extra:

Paul visits Peggy in the studio to talk more about preparing cattails and sassafras roots and shows more food plants found in Virginia including passion fruit and pawpaw.