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Early Childhood: TV and Digital Resources

VPM has curated local and national programs for all learners. At VPM there are many ways to learn from home and on the go. Over the air and digital programs and activities are designed by educators for students of all ages. These programs and digital resources help families and caregivers celebrate how they can be their children’s first teachers at this critical time in their child’s development.

Positive Screen Time


The American Academy of Pediatrics gives specific screen time recommendations for young children. PBS KIDS programs provide a positive media experience. For more information on TV and digital involvement, check out this article

is dedicated to offering free access to media content and community-based experiences that support learning for young children.

PBS for Parents
, a trusted source for information on child development, early learning and expert tips to help raise kind, curious and resilient children. Enjoy educational activities and fun games for toddlers, preschoolers and children of all ages inspired by your child's favorite PBS KIDS programs!

PBS LearningMedia
is a free online resource for students, parents and teachers with curated videos, interactives, lesson plans and more.

Supporting you as you make a difference in your children’s lives. Families and caregivers like you are the foundations for children’s healthy development. You keep them healthy, provide learning opportunities, and help them face challenges big and small. Sesame Street in Communities is here to support you in that huge and all-important effort.



Work It Out Wombats! A new PBS KIDS® animated series for kids ages 3-6, stars Malik, Zadie, and Zeke—three energetic and creative marsupial siblings who live with their grandmother in her treehouse apartment complex. The playful trio will demonstrate a way of thinking that enables them to solve problems, express themselves, and accomplish tasks using the practices, processes and ideas at the core of computer science.

Rosie Rules

Rosie’s Rules, a new PBS KIDS® animated comedy series for preschoolers, stars 5-year-old Rosie Fuentes, a Mexican American girl just beginning to learn about the wow-mazing world beyond her family walls. The series aims to teach children concrete lessons about how a community works, helping them develop an awareness of themselves as individuals and as part of a broader society. Like many children across the country, Rosie is part of a blended, multicultural family; Papá is from Mexico City and Mom is from rural Wisconsin. Rosie has a little brother, Iggy, and an older sister, Crystal, who is Mom’s child from her first marriage. The Fuentes family lives together in suburban Texas with their cat (and Rosie’s partner-in-crime), Gatita. Tia Margarita and Cousin Javi live nearby too!


Alma's Way follows 6-year-old Alma Rivera, a proud, confident Puerto Rican girl who lives in the Bronx with her family among a diverse group of close-knit friends and community members.

VPM Programs that Reflect Culture and Diversity


Circle Time at Home brings young learners a familiar school routine - right into the home! Join Ms. Gaby in engaging and interactive family-centered learning, focused on social emotional, language, cognitive, and physical health areas of development - and aligned with Virginia’s Pre-K and Kindergarten learning standards. Using the circle time routine helps children’s learning, memory and knowledge - so they can use their new skills in the real world!


Fitness DAWGS + Diet And Workout = Great Success. This show seeks to educate kids ages 4-7 on a healthier lifestyle by incorporating Virginia Foundation Blocks for Health and Physical Development for pre-K, as well as the Health and Physical Education Standard of Learning for Virginia Public Schools grade K-2.


Songs and Stories with Mary and Mike uses music and story as the joyful pathway to learning for young children, while integrating and modeling the state's new EC learning standards for literacy, math, and social emotional learning as well as the National Standards for Music Education. The show forges connections across the greater community by featuring guest teachers, artists, musicians, authors, and community members. With every music selection, book selection, and guest spotlight, Mary and Mike strive for a rich, diverse, beautiful representation of all people and cultures. The message to beautiful learners is clear: they are loved, they are valued, and they can do amazing things.