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In Your Ear Episode 58: Yeni Nostalji

band with lead singer

A native of Roanoke of European and Lebanese descent, bandleader Christina Marie Gleixner, writes her songs in Turkish and considers Turkey to be her second home. She cites her songwriting influences as “Leonard Cohen, Morrissey, and Dolly Parton” but credits Sub Rosa bakery owner Evrim Dogu with opening her ears to the Turkish language and culture.  It is heavily influenced by the vintage soundscape of Turkish and European pop radio from the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. During this mesmerizing evening in Studio A, Christina Marie gathered her bandmates and some additional A-list Richmond musicians to take us on a sonic tour of this music which she’ll explain further during the program.  Savor the intimate songs of Yeni Nostalji, recorded live in Studio A on January 26, 2018.


In Your Ear offers a chance to discover new artists and appreciate the “in the moment” creativity and inspiration that only live music can provide. Studio A is a “great room,” a haven for artists with intimate, friendly and informed audiences and peerless audio fidelity, thanks to engineers Carlos Chafin, Andrea Stefl and Paul Bruski. JAMinc president Tim Timberlake produces the programs covering a wide range of genres including bluegrass, jazz, blues, old time, Celtic, gospel and singer-songwriters of many styles. Artists range from superior local and regional talents, to premier acts from all over the country. Concerts are held monthly except during the summer and begin with a delicious pot luck buffet in the lobby. Check our website for information and reservations:


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