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Time For The Blues is serving up a heaping helping of the Blues!

an electric guitar on a holiday food table composite

Henry Cook and I hope you will join us for Time For The Blues this Saturday night, November 25th, at 9:00 as we present our annual signature show, “Hot Leftovers.” We’ve been doing this show for over 17 years and it’s been proven to be one of the more popular shows we do.

See, what it is is this: during the year there’s no way we can play all the great music we get our hands on. As kids we always looked forward to the few days after Thanksgiving as we could gorge ourselves on all the leftover great food our families fixed. Hot or cold turkey sandwiches, stuffing, corn pudding, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, rolls, cornbread; they all disappeared while we were enjoying the time off from school.

The idea to do this show was Henry’s and together we combed through the CDs we had and looked at the songs we hadn’t played. We had enough material to do several shows but felt it would be better just to do the one and it proved popular enough for us to continue creating a new show every year since.

We’ve got some great tunes for you to enjoy as you fight that tryptophan haze.

We’ve got music from one of our favorite Canadian groups, Downchiled from their most recent release. There are helpings from Chris O’Leary and Christine Santelli. Some sweet something from our pal Bob Corritore with Eugene “Hideaway” Bridges as well as something powerful from the late great Johnny Winter.

We’ll pay tribute to Christine McVie and Jeff Beck as we remember their contributions to the blues.

There’s also sumptuous sides from Nick Schnebelen, The Who, Spencer Wiggins, Coco Montoya, Muddy Waters, and Gary Moore.

We’ll fill you up with great blues and you’ll just be hungry for more. That’s a great thing about Hot Leftovers – no calories, just great music.

All that and a few surprises to boot! All in all, it’s a great show and we would love to have you join us for the fun if you care to join us at 9:00 this Saturday night. That’s November 25th, and you can find us on one of these great VPM Stations: 89.1 WCNV, Heathsville; 90.1 WMVE, Chase City; and the flagships, 93.1 and 107.3 VPM-Music and 88.9 HD2, Richmond, and online at where it’s always Time For The Blues!