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Dominion Energy and Smithfield Foods Double Investment in Manure-To-Energy Initiative

Dominion Energy Manure-to-Energy Project
Dominion Energy Manure-to-Energy Project. (Photo: Dominion Energy)

Dominion Energy and Smithfield Foods have just announced plans to invest a half-a-billion dollars to convert manure into electrical energy.  It will double their original investment and make them the largest Renewable Natural Gas Supplier in the Country.

They will be capturing methane from hog farms and converting it into clean, renewable energy that can be used to heat homes, power businesses and fuel vehicles. Dominion Spokesperson Aaron Ruby: We are not only dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the agriculture industry, but we are also turning a waste product into a clean energy resource.

The partnership is called Align RNG, with initial projects in North Caroline, Virginia and Utah, and plans that extend across the country into Arizona and California.

Ruby:  We are going to be reducing the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural operations over the country for the next ten years as taking half a million cars off the road or planting 40 million new trees.

*Note: Dominion Energy is a VPM Corporate sponsor


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