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VPM Daily Newscast: April 9, 2020

Money on fire
The economic impact of the coronavirus is hitting towns, counties, and states alike.

During the coronavirus outbreak, VPM is running a daily newscast of our reporting, hosted by Benjamin Dolle. Episodes are recorded at 6 p.m. and released for 7 a.m. the next day, Tuesday through Friday.

In this episode:

Elections Postponed
In other states, voters have had to increase their exposure to the coronavirus by heading to the polls in person. To lower public health risks, Gov. Ralph Northam announced that he was postponing the April and May elections.

Societal Inequalities Lead to Disparate Racial Impact From COVID-19
Virginia is collecting more data on who suffers from COVID-19 officials said, looking at race and ethnicity. Disparate racial outcomes have already been observed in New York and New Orleans, where African Americans and people of color are more likely to die from the illness. Preliminary data suggests that's also the case in Virginia.

Let My People Go (to Church)
In southwest Virginia, a lawsuit challenges Northam's executive order   

Unemployment Benefits May Be Coming for Self-Employed People
Self-employed people may soon be eligible for unemployment under a pandemic relief act. Virginia officials said they are updating their system to roll these benefits out as soon as possible.

Northam's Budget Changing to Accommodate Revenue Shortfall
The state budget is facing 'drastic reductions' in revenue due to the coronavirus, according to Gov. Ralph Northam. He's proposing cuts that may delay or scuttle landmark legislation Democrats passed in their first year controlling the legislature in over two decades.

Chesterfield Facing Budget Cuts, Too
The coronavirus is impacting economies across the commonwealth. Chesterfield County has made radical changes to their budget - including a study on teacher pay. In the short term, some 500 employees have been furloughed. The county administrator says those employees might be able to return to work if the economic outlook improves.

Short on Rent? Advocates Say Tell Your Landlord - And Get Everything in Writing
Although Virginia renters lack protections that are common in other states, advocates say they have some options. And if tenants can't pay, experts say landlords have options too.

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