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Social Distance Assistance

Helping Each Other, While We're Apart

Check in every Tuesday as we explore the positive ways people are helping during the pandemic and answer your questions about life in the era of social distancing.
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How do you help others when -- to stay safe -- we need to be apart?

Taking a cue from Mister Rogers, host Kelly Jones and her daughter, June, set out to find brave, creative problem solvers who are supporting their communities in the era of social distancing.

Each week, they will find the helpers, diving into personal stories to uncover the ways communities come together in the midst of a pandemic. Kelly and June will also call on experts to answer listener questions about how to live well during COVID-19. Each episode will include ways that listeners can get involved and become helpers themselves.


Kelly Jones is a long-time audio producer and editor whose work has appeared on NPR member stations and the BBC. She is learning how to homeschool June, her 8 year old kid while producing this podcast. Kelly doesn’t feel like a very good helper, but really wants to become one. And she wants to provide June with some models for what that can look like since adults and kids will be learning how to navigate this new world together.

June Hardcastle Robinson Jonesis 8. She loves musicals and cats and musicals about cats (she’s writing a few). “Podcast host” is alright for now, but she wants to be a veterinarian or astronaut when she grows up.

Molly Born is a journalist, writer, and producer based in West Virginia. She is co-producer on a forthcoming documentary film that explores the identity around coal mining in Appalachia, and she was recently awarded a reporting fellowship for a project on child welfare issues and foster care in West Virginia.

Additional support from: Nathan Tobey, Executive Producer | Gavin Wright, Project Manager | Angela Massino, Digital Content Director

Podcast cover art by Abbey Miller.

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Our aim with this show is to bring you stories of the creative ways people are helping to solve the challenges posed by COVID-19, but we also hope to inspire you to become a helper in your own way.

We would love to hear from you about how you've been a helper during the pandemic. Record a voice memo and email it to [email protected]. Or call us and leave a message at (804) 404-2859‬.