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Currents Uncut

Find out how this theatre withstood fire, weather damage, segregation, and hard economic times, but eventually closed for 60 years deteriorating from the inside out. Hear the gripping history of the theatre from Geoffrey Kershner, Executive Director of the Academy of the Arts, and how it has been fully renovated to be a jewel in the crown of downtown Lynchburg.
  • Frank Arrigo, a former Life Sciences employee, tells us what life is like after the Kepone Chemical Crisis in Hopewell. He talks about the severe symptoms he endured while working at Life Sciences as a welder, and for years after the plant was closed down and still today.
  • Watch the full interview with Vietnam veteran, Walter Allmon. Walter shares his experience serving in the Vietnam War, the effect it had on his family and his mental health. Find out how he discovered the path to feeling safe in the world again.
  • Watch the full interview with Tamekia Studivant a veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. She shares her story of life after the military and the challenges she faced adjusting to civilian life. In this interview Tamekia talks about how she reached a mental breaking point and wanted to take her own life but she finally found hope, peace and connection with help from the Richmond Vet Center.
  • Virginia Currents talks with the paranormal investigator and education programs specialist Kendrick Gibbs at Hanover Taverns. Kendrick shares a few ghost stories popular at the colonial era tavern.
  • Watch the Virginia Currents interview with Eva DeVirgilis as it unfolds at Virginia Repertory Theatre's 128 space, where Eva and director Lisa Rothe worked on the one-woman show "In My Chair".
  • Meet Frank Shatz, who escaped from a Nazi slave labor camp during the Holocaust. He then joined the underground anti-Nazi movement and helped provide false identification papers to Jewish people to would help to keep them from being sent to concentration camps.