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Holocaust Survivor Frank Shatz: Never Forget

Holocaust survivor Frank Shatz

Meet Frank Shatz, who escaped from a Nazi slave labor camp during the Holocaust. He then joined the underground anti-Nazi movement and helped provide false identification papers to Jewish people to would help to keep them from being sent to concentration camps.

After WWII, and when Stalin ruled with an iron-fist over many European countries, Frank joined the underground anti-Communist movement as a traveling foreign correspondent. He again provided false identification papers to people so that they could escape communist oppression in countries like Czechoslovakia and Hungary.

At 93, Frank still writes a column for the Virginia Gazette and holds intellectual discussions at the William & Mary bookstore and walks 3 miles a day. He continues to work to make sure no one forgets the Holocaust.

Read Frank Shatz's Virginia Gazette article: "A Life Story As American As It Gets"

The interview took place at the Reves Center for International Studies at William & Mary.

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