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Watch: Fear 2 Freedom - Empowering Survivors | A Look At CBD | Tangier Island - A Resilient Community

Christopher Newport students

Fear 2 Freedom: Empowering Survivors
One of the goals of Fear 2 Freedom is humanizing trauma instead of turning victims into statistics. This organization educates CNU students on showing support to sexual assault survivors while giving them a voice. We visit the campus during their Shadow Event which is an immersive 90-minute presentation centered around survivors telling their stories. Survivors are silhouetted behind a curtain to protect their identities and to help them feel safe.

What is CBD?
Take a look at CBD, a chemical in marijuana, and why it’s used for various ailments. We visit a Richmond health and wellness store that has seen a surge in customers inquiring about CBD. The store owner explains the difference between CBD and THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana. She also shares success stories from customers who have used it to treat physical and psychological conditions along with what to look for in products.

Tangier Island: A Resilient Community
Tangier Island, the softshell capital of the United States, is a troubled yet alluring getaway due to its shrinking population and land mass, we’ll get the scoop from locals and learn about  their challenges. We will find out how one woman moved and came back to Tangier because she missed the safe, small-town community feel. Also talk with the mayor about the problem of erosion and how he hopes to keep the island alive.

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