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Watch: Concussions in Women Athletes | Pocahontas Festival | Prime Timers | Pope-Leighey House

Pocahontas Festival

VT Helmet Lab: Concussions in Women Athletes
We’ve all heard about the damage that could be done to the brain with concussions in football players but not many people know female athletes suffer concussions too - and possibly even at a higher rate than male athletes. We go to the VA Tech Helmet Lab to see how they’re using sensors in mouth guards on a women’s club rugby team at the university to see what happens to a woman’s head when being hit - and hope to find ways to lessen the blow.

Pocahontas Festival: Struggles of Native Tribes
At the Gloucester Pocahontas Festival we take a look at the challenges and successful strides made by Virginia Tribes. Amy talks with the female chief of a Virginia tribe and a descendent of Pocahontas. This festival aims to introduce visitors to the Native American culture and contributions to Virginia communities.

Prime Timers
See how the Prime Timers group allows aging gay men a chance to be open, for some the first time in their lives. These individuals were growing up at a time when being LGBTQ was not as socially accepted or discussed. Now in their golden years, these men have found a group that allows them to be who they are and offers support. We join them at a quarterly potluck dinner.

Pope-Leighey House
A Frank Lloyd Wright home brings concepts of sustainability and nature indoors. This Usonian property was a 1940’s concept that Wright created for middle-class folk to live modestly in well thought-out spaces constructed from modest materials.

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