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NASA at Home

NASA At Home

Home Learning

Hosted by the NASA Langley Office of STEM Engagement, this series features NASA-produced videos and resources for students in grades 4- 7. In each episode, a NASA Education Specialist reinforces science concepts by demonstrating hands-on activities that can be done at home using easy-to-find materials. The episode topics are: 1) Sound and NASA’s Newest Experimental Aircraft, 2) NASA’s Commercial Crew Program and SpaceX’s Historic Launch to the ISS, 3) Sending robots to Mars and the Mars 2020 Rover, Perseverance, 4) NASA's Artemis program and going back to the Moon, 5) Rockets, Newton's 3rd Law, Careers and Exercise in Space. Each episode is correlated with Virginia Standards of Learning.

NASA at Home airs on VPM Plus.

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