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artoberVA Starts this Week!

artoberVA 2020

This Thursday, artoberVA begins its fifth annual, month-long celebration of arts and culture throughout Richmond and the Tri-Cities.

Presented by CultureWorks, artoberVA engages RVA and the surrounding regions in local art, history, and cultural events; and it drives collaboration between artists, organizations, and businesses to shine a light on the breadth and depth of accessible arts and cultural experiences. 

This year's artoberVA will look different, due to the challenges the pandemic has created for the arts community. Many events will be held virtually, so participants can celebrate arts and culture safely and responsibly. CultureWorks provides a fully searchable artoberVA Calendar, including special sections for virtual events as well as in-person events, to help search through the hundreds of events on offer during the month of October.

“As the world adjusts in response to a global pandemic and continued civil unrest, arts and culture offer an opportunity for connection, healing, and relief,” says Erin Frye, Director of Programs and Outreach at CultureWorks. “Through artoberVA 2020, we will elevate stories of impactful work and collaboration between artists and cultural institutions during this heavy time. CultureWorks is here to uplift, support and empower the creative community in Richmond and the Tri-Cities; artoberVA 2020 will be a celebration of the power of arts and culture to unite communities and change lives.” 

Also new to artoberVA this year is #ArtsHuntRVA, an interactive, free, family-friendly scavenger hunt offered in partnership with the Richmond Performing Arts Alliance. Beginning October 1, participants may download a list of locations, visit them, scan a QR code and watch a short video, then post a picture to social media with the hashtag #ArtsHuntRVA. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the month. 

To learn how you can offer an artoberVA experience or take part in the celebration, visit their website at


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