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VCU Health Orchestra Offers Community Performances

Theresa Erichsen and Pablo Talamante
Photo: Louise Keeton / VPM

The VCU Health Orchestra is an ensemble that was created in 2017, providing health care professionals, hospital staff, students, alumni and community volunteers an opportunity to share their musical talents.  The orchestra plays for fundraisers, campus and community events, reaching a broad audience.

Orchestra Manager and French horn player Theresa Erichsen stopped by our VPM Music studios and brought tenor Pablo Talamante, who often solos with the orchestra.  He is from the US Army Choir and performs at the White House.  I hope you enjoy our chat and a short musical excerpt from Pablo!  If you are interested in joining the orchestra, you can contact Theresa.

Yours in good music,
Mike Goldberg Classical Music Host & Producer, VPM Music

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